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Our products: aniline, semi aniline and pigmented

Different types of hides for any need of yours

Aniline dyed leather

Specifications: natural aspect – very soft and transpiring – well visible grain and small natural defects
The aniline dyed leather is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with topcoat varnish or insoluble pigments. The resulting product keeps the leather surface natural with the 'grain', that is with visible pores, scars and values of the complete hide structure of the original animal.

Semi-aniline dyed leather

Specifications: natural grain surface – better light fastness and greater practicality if compared to the pure aniline dyed leather
The semi-aniline dyed leather is a successful compromise, combining a high level of naturalness with comfort and duration. The semi-aniline dyed leather is treated on the surface with a mixture of coloring finishing water and a small quantity of pigment. This treatment makes the leather softer and elastic and more wear resistant in public environments. The semi-aniline dyed leather is easy to clean. The natural marks on the original leather are still visible, but they are less evident if compared with those of the natural aniline dyed leather.

Pigment finished leather

Specifications: covering color – very good light fastness – good covering of the defects – easy maintenance
The pigment finished leather is more resistant but it has also a less natural aspect, and it is has a covering and even color. Its resistance is obtained by applying a primer of pigments, resins and of a pigmented finishing film followed by a protective coating. These specifications make this leather the most used one in the furnishing industry.