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Our company manufactures, with the partners' support, several types of processing for the furnishing sector

by using the most state-of-the-art technologies in the tannery field with the support of extremely skilled and dynamic staff

Press for leather printing

It stretches the leather and removes the water in excess. Information>>


It divides the crust from the grain. Information>>


It makes even the leather thickness. Information>>


Process thanks to which the leather is dyed and softened according to the customer's needs. Information>>


Under vacuum drying (the leather remains compact) or drying with wet loom ( the leather achieves a yield in sq.ft. higher than in under vacuum drying). Information>>


Manual application of a plaster film in order to make the surface even and to eliminate leather defects, if any. Information>>


The parts in excess are eliminated.Information>>

Staking machine

After drying, the leather is slightly staked, that is mechanically beaten. Thanks to this processing, the leather is softened and well stretched. Information>>


Processing for the so called sanded, printed and finished items. Also the best hides are sanded for NUBUK production or for sued leather crusts. Information>>


The leather is dyed and then the required brilliance or dullness is added.Information>>


It is possible to make any type of print. The leather is printed when it is semi finished or after the first dyeing phase, according to the Customer's needs. Information>>


Machine for bending the hides and placing grain and crust on pallets. Information>>

Dry milling

The hide is shaken in special wooden or steel drums to soften it Information>>

Ironing and measuring

Final touch to adjust the degree of brilliance on the finished hide. Information>>

Quality control

Quality control of the final product by Paolo Biondi, owner of Ba.Bi. Srl. Information>>

Packing and shipment

Packing for the shipment to the end customer. Information>>